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Quite a thrill to be on the web sing 1989...... All these records and CD's should be available from your local record-store in your neighbourhood, but if you can't find a certain item, be sure to contact us at MUSIC MANIAC. We do sell directly to customers, because we are aware of the present situation. Because of the immense quantity of new products all the time, there could be a lack of stocking at your dealer. Please send your order and we'll invoice you. We deliver worldwide, and do accept PayPal.

We are very proud to work at MUSIC MANIAC, because we think the label is gradually promoting itself to the best of its kind, also creating its own face in time. We think it's important to be able to trust the label, so even if you don't know the artist or the product, you'll know what to expect, it being on MUSIC MANIAC.

This catalogue complete releases up to January 2009. When you wish to stay informed about all activities of the label, be sure to visit our site every now and then.

We at MUSIC MANIAC RECORDS do listen to demos, so whenever you have a band, or know good groups, and think you'll fit to the musical style of MUSIC MANIAC, be sure to forward your CD-R + information of the group. Beware - we judge subjectively, we need international standard, all bands must create personality. We need to discover a message. We know that the roots of MUSIC MANIAC releases are the 60's, we also know that we live in the new decade, even a new century. We expect a product to unite all influences to create the new sound for this decade. We'd like to be part of the next musical changes on the scene (as long as it's r 'n roll).

It's you all who can make, or break us...

Yours truly...

Hans Kesteloo (President) and Victor Sohler (Forwarding Manager)

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